Design Lucky Bamboo (0010)

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1. Name: Design Lucky Bamboo (0010)
2. Pot Material: Ceramic.
3. Pot Size: 2″
4. Product Description: Tree, ceramic pot, white stone and color stone.
5. Soil: Here water and stones are used instead of soil.
6. Free Replacement: Within 30 days of tree purchase.
7. Delivery time: 2 to 7 days.
8. Payment: Cash on delivery or Bkash payment.

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Dracaena Lucky Bamboo (Design Lucky Bamboo)

nBuy Dracaena Lucky bamboo(Design Lucky Bamboo) online in Bangladesh at the best price, including ceramic planters. Shop now best indoor plant online in Bangladesh at the best price. n nBeyond its aesthetic appeal and symbolism, Dracaena Lucky Bamboo offers therapeutic benefits that contribute to your overall wellness. The presence of greenery indoors has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, enhance focus, and improve air quality. By embracing Dracaena Lucky Bamboo, you create a serene sanctuary where tranquility and productivity coexist. Breathe in the fresh air, immerse yourself in nature’s calming embrace, and enjoy the tranquility that this remarkable indoor plant brings to your space. n nHow To Care Dracaena Lucky Bamboo n


  • Choose the right container
  • n

  • Clean the leaves regularly (all houseplants need that)
  • n

  • Clean the container every few months and provide fresh water once a week
  • n

  • Place it near sunny window
  • n

  • Trim leaves back to within an inch or two of the main stem
  • n

  • Should wash the roots once in a month
  • n

  • Spray any fungicide by mixing in water every two months
  • n

nBuy Best indoor plant collections online in Bangladesh. Delivery is available in Dhaka. Buy Dracaena Lucky Bamboo( Design Lucky Bamboo) online at a fair price from Str Agro.

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Best Indoor Plant In Bangladesh | Design Lucky BambooDesign Lucky Bamboo (0010)
Original price was: ৳ 499.00.Current price is: ৳ 399.00.

Availability: 20 in stock

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