Care for Money Plants, How to Care for Money Plants | Buy Indoor Money Plants

How to Care for Money Plants | Buy Indoor Money Plants

The money plant, also known as the Jade plant or Crassula Ovata, is a succulent native to South Africa. It is a popular houseplant known for its attractive appearance and believed ability to bring good luck, prosperity, and financial success. Money plants have thick, oval-shaped leaves that are shiny and plump, usually ranging in color from deep green to a lighter greenish-grey. The plant is easy to care for and can thrive indoors and outdoors. In addition to its aesthetic appeal and symbolic significance, the money plant has air-purifying qualities that can improve indoor air quality.

Different Types Of Money Plants

  1. Golden Money Plants
  2.  Split Leaf Money Plants
  3.  Marble Queen Money Plants
  4.  Marble Prince Money Plants
  5. Silver Money Plant
  6.  Swiss Cheese Money Plant
  7.  Big Leaf Money Plant
  8.  Jade Plant
  9.  Neon Money Plant
  10.  Chinese Money Plant

The Appearance of the Money Plants

The appearance of golden pothos is well-known as striking in nature.

Size: Money plants can vary depending on how they are grown, but they typically have long vines that can grow up to several feet.

Shape: The leaves of the money plant are heart-shaped and have a smooth texture. They are attached to long, slender stems that can grow up to several feet long. The overall shape of the plant is cascading and vine-like.

Color: The leaves of the money plant are typically a bright green color, although they can also have variegated patterns of green and yellow. As the plant matures, the leaves can darken slightly in color. The stems of the plant are a light green color and can sometimes have a slightly reddish tint.

Care and Maintenance

Money plants are easy-to-care-for indoor plants popular for their attractive foliage and air-purifying properties. Here are some tips on how to care for and maintain your money plant:

Watering: Money plants prefer to be kept moist but not waterlogged. Water your plant when the soil feels dry, usually every 7-10 days. 

Lighting: Money plants can thrive in various light conditions, from bright indirect light to low light. However, they will grow best in bright, indirect light. Avoid placing your money plant in direct sunlight, which can burn the leaves.

Temperature and Humidity: Money plants prefer temperatures between 60-85°F (15-29°C) and moderate humidity. Avoid placing your plant near drafty windows or air conditioning vents.

Propagation: Money plants are easy to propagate from stem cuttings. Cut a stem with a few leaves and place it in a jar of water until roots form. Then, plant the cutting in the soil.

 Potential Health and Environmental Benefits

Air purification: Money plants effectively remove air pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, and xylene. These harmful chemicals can be found in household items such as cleaning products, furniture, and paint.

Improved air quality: The leaves of a money plant are large and can absorb airborne pollutants, converting them into oxygen. It can improve the overall air quality in the room.

Pest control: Money plants contain compounds that can repel insects, making them a natural pest control option.

Aesthetic value: Money plants are a beautiful addition to any room, with their attractive foliage and ability to grow in various shapes and sizes. They can add a touch of greenery and beauty to your living space.

Easy to Care: Money plants are low-maintenance plants that require minimal care. They can survive in low-light conditions and only need to be watered once a week.

In addition to the potential health benefits, growing plants can have positive environmental impacts. Growing plants indoors can help reduce carbon dioxide levels in the air and contribute to a healthier planet. 


The money plant (Epipremnum aureum) is a popular houseplant known for its decorative appearance and purported ability to bring good luck and prosperity. This hardy plant is easy to care for, requiring only moderate light and infrequent watering. Money plants can be grown in various conditions, including soil and water, and can be propagated easily by cuttings. The plant is also believed to have air-purifying properties and is a great addition to any indoor space. 

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